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It started on a hunch

How did we get here? Let me tell you a quick story about bad dental experiences. 

Ever since I started as a dentist, I had a hunch that good treatment wasn't just about the quality of work I do on your mouth. It starts before you even enter the practice. And it doesn't stop after the anaesthetic wears off. 

Good care is about how you make someone feel from start to end. And while there isn't a clinical study that shows this, I've seen the oral health of my patients improve. Why? Because they book and attend more often. 

But, putting these ideas into practice wasn't always possible...

Dr. Nix Shah


Good treatment isn't just about the quality of the dental work, it's about how you make someone feel, from start to end. 

-Dr. Nix

The problem

No control... 

Earlier in my dental career, I started out as an associate at a practice. I wanted to focus on the complete experience of my patients, but I had no control over the surgery setting, post-treatment care or even staff training. 

I struggled to create a friendly and professional environment for my patients. I was convinced that this kind of experience would mean people would come to the dentist more often, so they could enjoy healthy teeth, avoid painful procedures and save money. 

I didn't own the practice, so when I tried to make these fundamental changes, things became difficult. Frustration set in. I had no ultimate control over how the practice was set up. 

I was unable to establish the standard of care I feel every patient deserves and ensure my patients felt understood and valued. But, I wasn't ready to give up... 

the solution

A new standard 

I took a big risk. I put my money where my mouth was (pun intended). I bought my own practice. 

I had a mortgage to pay and a new practice in a completely different part of the country where I didn't know a soul. And I still didn't have a clue if my grand idea would even work. Would patients even care or notice? 

They did and they do. 

What's the big secret?

I soon discovered that the key to making my dream practice a reality, was to nurture a happy team of warm and welcoming people. A staff of professional people who enjoy building friendships and getting to know their patients made it possible to:

  • Genuinely provide end-to-end care
  • Deliver a warm, professional and consistent experience to my patients
  • Ensure every patient leaves my surgery with a brighter, more confident smile 

I am supremely proud of the practice we run. I never have to worry about my patients getting anything less than the best total care. And that is how I came to be here with you today, offering professional dental services at a new kind of standard we've established at Wheathampstead Dental Surgery.

Wheathampstead Dental Team

Need a Friendly Dentist? Look no further. 

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