Cosmetic Dentistry 

Enhance your teeth

Cosmetic dental problems might not impact your overall health or cause you physical pain, but they can deeply effect your self-confidence and overall appearance.  

Using only the safest methods and the latest technology, our expert dental team can straighten crooked teeth, permanently replace missing teeth and whiten stained or yellow teeth. Renew your confidence with a bright, beautiful smile. 

porcelain veneers

For teeth that are mostly intact, we can spruce them up with our super strong porcelain E-max veneers. Less invasive than crowns, these veneers will bond to the front of your teeth, giving your teeth the beautiful shape and shine you want.

custom Aesthetic crowns

This is a beautiful, long-lasting solution to missing teeth. Customised perfectly to your teeth and gums, your crowns will give you a secure, comfortable and flawless smile. No one will ever notice the difference. 

home teeth whitening

We'll get you the smile you've always wanted. How? We have the 'secret' to whiter, beautiful teeth - White Dental Beauty's exclusive and highly-effective professional teeth whitening solution. It's safe, gentle, quick, pain-free and affordable.

teeth straightening

Fix your misaligned, crowded or crooked teeth in as little as 4 months, with our cFast orthodontic braces. Our tooth-coloured, low-profile design will save you the embarrassment of the traditional clunky, metal braces. You'll have perfectly straight teeth in no time.

Beautiful, natural-looking smile

They did a fantastic job repairing the chipped composite on my two front teeth. They look completely natural and my retainer still fits perfectly! 


Enhance your teeth for a beautiful smile.

Take back your confidence.

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