General Dentistry In Wheathampstead and Surrounding areas

Preserve your teeth

This is the heart of our practice. These basic dental services are your first line of defence from more serious (and costly) oral health issues.  

Regular check-ups, cleanings and a good oral hygiene routine at home, will preserve your teeth and gums for years to come. We know this is true - we've seen our patients enjoy vastly improved oral health by following our advice and making regular visits.

New patient consultation

Take your first step to a healthy mouth! We'll discuss dental issues, concerns and goals you may have. After we assess the current state of your soft tissues, teeth and gums, we'll lay out our recommendations for your oral care journey.

routine exam

Come in for a routine check-up, which we recommend ever 6 months. Done regularly, these easy visits will ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy and protected from future damage. 

scale & polish

A proper, professional clean is necessary from time to time to get rid of plaque and tartar build-up in hard to reach areas. We'll finish off with a nice polish so you can walk out the door with fresh, smooth and super clean teeth!

periodontal assessment

Stop gum disease in its tracks. We'll carefully examine your mouth and gums to identify any risk of gum disease and clearly outline our recommendations for treatment to prevent or eliminate that risk. 

A healthy mouth made easy

My dental health has improved considerably over the last few years. Instructions are always given with excellent explanations. I recommend the dentists and nurses without hesitation. The reception staff are very charming too. 


Preserve your teeth & gums for years.

Avoid costly procedures.

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