Restorative Dentistry 

Restore your teeth

Even with regular check-ups and cleanings, we all have to deal with dental issues from bad habits, genetics or ageing. These issues are not only bad for your oral and bodily health, but they can make it hard to function in everyday life. 

We use these dental treatments to correct dental problems you currently have and prevent them from coming up in the future. We can strengthen or replace brittle teeth, eliminate tooth decay, fill in missing teeth and more. Whatever issue comes up, we can solve it.

White fillings

Restore teeth damaged by tooth decay and/or replace old metal fillings with our tooth-coloured, white fillings. No more worrying about that metallic flash in your smile. 

root fillings

Save your infected teeth from extraction and further pain with our gentle root canal procedure. Our expert team will get rid of the infection, clean out your tooth and seal it up, taking extra care to ensure your comfort long after you leave.

tooth extractions

If decay has become irreparable or room is needed for a future procedure, we'll carefully remove the affected tooth (either by simple or surgical extraction). Stop the spread of infection and say good-bye to nagging tooth pain.

dental imaging

Prior to teeth restoration measures like dentures or implants, we use diagnostic wax trials or study model impressions of your teeth to determine the most ideal method of restoration and ensure the most comfortable and accurate results.

porcelain crowns

If you need to protect brittle teeth or cover up pesky stains, our porcelain crowns are ideal. Our superior E-max crowns are not only strong and durable, but they are naturally tooth-coloured, so you don't have to worry about mismatched teeth.

Custom dentures

Missing some or all of your natural teeth is a common, but painful problem. Our expertly crafted dentures comfortably fit over your gums, allowing you to eat, speak and smile like you used to. 

dental implants

If you need a more permanent solution to your missing teeth, our dental implants are a great way to fill in one or all of your teeth. Your dental implants will give you the comforting security of real teeth, with the flexibility of removable dentures.

A healthy mouth can change your life 

After always being apprehensive about visiting the dentist, my experience of having extensive work and follow-up treatment with Meera has totally changed my mind. Meera's care and expertise was superb and has given me a healthy, pain-free mouth for the first time in years. I can't recommend the practice enough. The treatment I've had there has totally changed my life.


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