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Teeth Whitening in Hertfordshire

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Brighten Your Smile with Home Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a bleaching process that removes stains and teeth discolouration of the teeth, in order to give them a whiter, more attractive appearance.

Is Teeth Whitening Right For You?

 Are your teeth not quite as white as you'd like? Join the club. Teeth whitening is one of the most commonly requested dental procedures in the UK. Yellow or discoloured teeth can happen to young and old alike, whether you take good care of your teeth or not.

But, that doesn't make it any easier to see those unsightly stains in the mirror every day. No one should have to hide their smile or cover their laugh. Yellow teeth might be a cosmetic problem, but that pain of embarrassment runs deep.

The good news is there is an affordable, safe and easy solution.

Our Simple, Safe and State-of-the-art Solution

If you want a beautiful white smile and you live in Wheathampstead, Harpenden or nearby areas of St. Albans, Hertfordshire, our highly experienced and friendly team can help you.

At Wheathampstead Dental, our powerful, yet gentle teeth whitening treatment will help you achieve amazing results in just 2 weeks time, without the pain of other solutions.

3 Easy Steps to a Brilliant Bright Smile


Free Consultation

You’ll meet with one of our lovely dentists to assess the nature of your discolouration and your suitability for treatment. Using a guide, they will record your current tooth shade and discuss your desired shade. Finally, they will make a dental impression of your teeth.


Custom Tray Fitting

Our lab will construct a custom whitening tray for your teeth, ensuring a perfect fit and maximum comfort. We’ll provide you with whitening gel and teach you how and when to properly apply the gel to your tray.



After 2 weeks, you'll come in to our office so we can assess your results. We’ll show you precisely how your teeth have improved in shade and make sure you’re satisfied with your brilliant new smile:)

White Dental Beauty Teeth Whitening in Hertfordshire

At Wheathampstead Dental, you deserve the beautiful white smile you’ve always wanted easily, safely and quickly. That’s why we use only the best home teeth whitening solution available - White Dental Beauty whitening systems with their patented Novon technology.

The Secret to a Whiter Smile

All White Dental Beauty whitening gels contain their special Novon formula which creates an optimal whitening effect. The unique nature of this whitening compound produces a “pH jump” into the alkaline pH range upon application. This causes a faster whitening effect than other gels, meaning you can achieve the same brilliant white smile, in less time.

More importantly than quick results, White Dental Beauty’s Novon-enhanced gels are specifically formulated to give you whiter teeth in a safe and gentle way. Usually, whitening gels are not kind to sensitive teeth. Bleaching agents dehydrate teeth and contain high levels of acidity, both of which increase sensitivity and damage tooth enamel. White Dental Beauty eliminates that problem by including desensitising agents that help alleviate tooth sensitivity during use. All Novon gels have a water-based formula to prevent tooth dehydration and protect your enamel from harmful acids by maintaining a neutral pH level. 

  • Enhanced whitening effect in less time
  • Neutral pH minimizes sensitivity
  • Desensitising agents for optimal comfort
  • Cool mint flavour for refreshed, clean feeling

What are the causes of stained or yellow teeth?

There are many common habits that contribute to teeth discolouration:

  • Poor dental hygiene
  • Harmful food & drink (coffee, soda, alcohol, etc.)
  • Tobacco use

Even if you live a healthy lifestyle and take great care of your dental health, you can still fall victim to yellow teeth...

  • Ageing
  • Certain medications
  • Genetics

What Are The Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening?

  • Eliminate unsightly stains
  • Make teeth look as healthy as they are
  • Brighten your smile by several shades
  • Improve your appearance
  • Boost your confidence
  • Overcome insecurity from stained teeth
  • Reduce your overall anxiety
  • Transform your smile without having a major procedure

How white will my teeth actually get?

People tend to fixate on ‘how many shades’ lighter their teeth will become. The truth is, it depends.

Natural tone, stain severity and personal preference will determine how white your teeth will get. Your teeth could whiten by 5 or 6 shades, but the reality is, even just 2 shades lighter can noticeably improve your smile.

Our shade guide will help you see where you are now and visualise where you’d like to be. You might realise you don’t want a bleach white Hollywood look, but a more natural, clean and bright smile. 

Whatever ‘ideal’ is to you, we’ll do our very best to tailor your treatment to that end, without jeopardising your health, safety or comfort.

Your teeth whitening dentists in hertfordshire

  • Dedicated and experienced team
  • Warm, friendly environment to help you feel relaxed
  • High-end treatment at a fair price
  • Free smile consultation
  • Transparent process
  • Safe, gentle care
  • Same day treatment
  • Visible results

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Friendly and professional

" The staff are friendly, polite and professional. I always feel at ease when in the chair."



Totally changed my life

" The extremely friendly, kind practice staff have always greeted me with welcoming reassurance on every visit and offered good advice and have given me confidence. I cannot recommend the practice enough, the treatment I have had there has totally changed my life."



Finest order

" The Surgery and those in support, from Nursing to Reception Management, are of the finest order and we feel very lucky to be part of its clientele - “until death does us part”"