Assessments Including Radiographs

Prioritizing personalized care, our comprehensive assessments include New Patient Consultations, thorough exams, and advanced imaging for effective and precise treatments.

Our comprehensive assessment services, including New Patient Consultations, Exam and Hygiene, Radiographs, Panoramic radiograph, and CBCT Scans, prioritize proactive oral health.

The journey towards optimal oral health begins with our New Patient Consultations, where our dedicated team takes the time to understand individual needs and concerns. This initial meeting sets the foundation for personalized dental care, ensuring a tailored approach to each patient.

Our thorough Exam and hygiene sessions go beyond routine check-ups, incorporating meticulous assessments to identify potential issues and formulate preventive strategies. The emphasis on hygiene underscores our commitment to maintaining a clean and healthy oral environment, preventing issues before they arise.

Radiographs play a crucial role in our assessment toolkit, providing detailed images that aid in diagnosing conditions not visible to the naked eye. These images assist in creating precise treatment plans and addressing dental concerns with accuracy.

For a more comprehensive view, our state-of-the-art Panoramic radiograph captures a broad perspective of the entire mouth, facilitating a detailed examination of the teeth, jaw, and surrounding structures. This technology enhances our diagnostic capabilities, contributing to more effective treatment outcomes.

In select cases, our practice utilizes (CBCT) Scans, a cutting-edge imaging technique offering three-dimensional views of the oral and maxillofacial region. CBCT scans provide unparalleled insights, particularly valuable for complex procedures such as implant placement or surgical planning.

Our assessment services encompass a patient-centric approach, from the thorough New Patient Consultations to advanced imaging techniques like Panoramic radiographs and CBCT Scans, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of oral health for precise and effective treatment.


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